HARZ HZ-3211-30 58.1CC 30L Mist Duster Blower 2.13kW

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SKU: sui u - HARZ HZ-3211-30

Weight(grams): 14000

Dimension: 50 cm (Length) x 41 cm (Width) x 76 cm (Height)

- Mist blowers are effective for insects control because they can treat a large area quickly 
- The mouth of the tank is big , easy to pour in the pesticide, fertilizer and etc. 
- Can be used for any kind of agriculture produces, it can kill pests on any kind of wheat , rice and fruit 
- It can be used in mountainous areas, hilly areas and scattered land. 
- This machine is meticulously designed putting users comfort as priority, when this tool is strapped on the user's shoulder, it balances the weight and gives the user maximum comfort and mobility 
- The pressure is very powerful, the job can be done effectively and less fatigue, it is a great choice for the agriculture industry.

- Brand : Harz 
- Model : HZ-3211-30 
- Discharging capacity : 58.1CC
- Standard Power : 2.13kW / 7500RPM 
- Range : ≥16M 
- Tank Capacity : 30L

1. HZ-3211-30 Only 
2. HZ-3211-30 + 2T oil

HARZ HZ-3211-30 58.1CC 30L Mist Duster Blower 2.13kW